A Festival of cuts for some well known faces!!!

It certainly seemed like another hugely successful Sydney festival has come to an end…and I’m proud to say that The Barberia could continue to support and assists so many of the very talented performers and support staff as we have always done over the years…this year wasn’t quite as stressful as the year we had to do Grace Jones’s amazing look at 2am (after several bottles of wine) however getting everyone’s look exactly right for the night can be challenging….luckily we were helped by having such wonderful people to work with and our deepest thanks and gratitude goes out to the very very talented Holly Throsby Bree Van Reyk and the amazing Beth Orton – we would be happy doing your hair forever….and it was also pleasing to re-supply Mike Patton with our fabulous Barberia hairwax – it was perfect for his brilliant Mondo Cane look…..can hardly wait till next years festival.


Top Designer Chooses The Barberia for his cut

It was a great honour and privilege for The Barberia to welcome back Phillip Treacy to the salon for a haircut during his incredibly busy stop over in Sydney…having just flown in from Melbourne’s spring racing carnival where he had just pulled an all-nighter making Sarah Jessica Parkers stunning creation for the race’s on Wednesday he was desperate for a cut and we were only too willing to oblige (even if it was 11.30 in the evening)

Phillip is a designer at the absolute forefront of avant-garde fashion and this is the reason such celebrities as Lady Ga Ga seek him out over other designers….it was also lovely to have a laugh with him about the controversy princess Beatrice’s hat created.

The barberia always loves catching up with Phillip whenever he can make it to Sydney and it was interesting to hear him speak so highly of the changes crown street Surry hills has undergone since his last visit….it is also flattering for a man with his amazing fashion sense to choose The Barberia as his favourite haircut destination…not to mention him taking as many tins of Barberia hair wax with him as he could fit in his bag.

Salon Competition in Surry Hills is good for the customer!

Having owned The Barberia at 323 crown st Surry hills for the last 9 years and previous to that the salon was located at 346 crown st Surry hills for almost 10 years it is impossible not to notice how Surry hills and crown st in particular has become the hairdressing salon Mecca of Sydney.

Where as oxford st Darlinghurst and Paddington used to be the desired location of most Sydney’s top salons – greedy landlords with their exorbitant rent increases pushed the more creative hairdressers to the cheaper rentals that can still be found around Surry hills…..of course crown st is everyone’s favoured location however loads of salons have opened up around crown st on Campbell st Riley st and Bourke st to name a few.

As a consequence I am finding that clients are coming to The Barberia from much further afield, knowing that the standard of hairdressing has reached an all time high for salons on and around crown st due to the intense competition

Years ago we really only serviced people from the immediate area – however now we have clients coming to us from Coogee, Bondi, Paddington, , Randwick, as well as the densely populated and highly fashionable suburbs like Potts Point, Elizabeth Bay Kings Cross, Darlinghurst, Redfern and Waterloo plus a heap of office workers from the city…I guess this is the reason we now have to open 7 days a week and trade late on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Competition amongst salons can only serve to benefit the client as it makes us all work harder to win you over.


Having observed crown st Surry Hills from the vantage point of my window at The Barberia for almost 19 years it’s amazing to see the changes that have come over the area…some very positive while a few negatives have also crept in….first thing to mind is the fact Surry Hills isn’t nearly as gay as it was back in the 80’s and 90’s…Potts Point, Kings Cross and Elizabeth Bay and to a lesser extent Waterloo and Redfern are much “gayer” now…I don’t think for any other reason than there is more apartment living in these suburbs and studio and 1 bedroom accommodation naturally appeals to single gays…as a consequence oxford st has definitely lost a lot of its charm….where as the café’s and shops along the strip were once thriving you can now see that same kind of street life on Macleay st (Potts Point) and Redfern st (Redfern).

But as oxford st has gone in to decline its wonderful to see crown st has really stepped up and is the absolute hub for the whole Surry hills Darlinghurst Paddington precinct…and it is not just thru good luck…it has taken a lot of hard work from some dedicated shop owners….stores like Wheels and Doll Baby, Route 66, Zoo Emporium and yes – The Barberia as well as cafe’s like Kawa, Pablo’s vice the Maltese Café and of course The Record Store have been there from the beginning and have paved the way for the next generation of cool shops like grandma takes a trip and Minty meets Munt plus a whole lot more that I would like to discuss later.

My honest advice is to get up to Surry Hills and take a look around as this blog only just touches the surface…there are so many great places to shop eat and GET YOUR HAIR DONE that it will take several instalments to get across all my observations on the area.